Orthodox Syrian Progressive Party Kunnamkulam

Draw closer to kunnamkulam

Hail to the Place, which gave birth to Indian Christian society. A city elected by god like the Jerusalem city, and place where profusion of Syrian Christians living. Approximately 35 orthodox Syrian Christian churches are situated here with in 15 kilometers distance. Our aim is to propagate the particular traditions, rituals and ceremonies to all over the world, which belongs to this place. Through this venture we are trying to introduce to the new generations the prominent and virtuous leaders those who are lively or no longer with us. In addition we tried to include many significant subjects like history of churches and institutions, the key events, obliterate knowledge and rare pictures.

We are also making every effort to promote OSSP Orthodox Syrian Progressive Party, who gives strong support to the church and the positive feature of Arthat archdiocese kunnamkulam.

We affirm that, here we made the genuine approach to this attempt. At this point we do not have any intention to hurt or ridicule others.

We collected the necessary information through oral, history books, and also through the sophisticated technology like Internet. It should not use either for any kind of arguments or for dispute. We publish all these things for the awareness of this organization and its associates. We request that anyone should not use this information as an evidence for any kind of debate, disputation, or objection. This organization is not liable for any disputes that arise because of this information. Copy right of these information belongs to this organization only.

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H.B Paulose Mar Milithios Metrapoliton (Successor of Catholicos)

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